Insomnia 57 Gaming Festival 2016-12-02T12:06:07+01:00

Project Description

My first day @ INSOMNIA 57 (Birmimgham // United-Kingdom) The UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival by Multiplay. It has a huge BOYC Lan Area with 3 days of competition on all the biggest games out there.

I was here to compete in the Insomnia Truesilver Championship on Hearthstone, which was an event with 30,000$ prize pool, but mostly HCT (HearthStone Championship Tour) to qualify for the Spring European Championship, and eventually to the BlizzCon World Championships.

Before the tournament started, i got the chance to meet my #TeamLiquid teammate Liquid’Dog for the first time, after hanging out on his top stream multiple times.

It was also Jenny’s first tournament, and she did quite well despite the food poisining and real insomnia of the previous night (story that we talked about on our twitters and instagram accounts), having to retire at 2 wins 3 losses.

On this video you can see me facing [SK]MartinCreek on stage, and i ended up winning 3-2 after a very close serie of games. I’ve also played againt C4mlann who crushed me 0-3 and i managed to edge the 2014 World Champion [Cloud9]Firebat 3-2.

Unfortunately i finished with 4 wins 3 losses and it wasn’t enough to advance on to the top16.

Luckily for us, they are hosting a #RedemptionCup which is a 2 day event, and you can follow the results here :…

Stay tuned !