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My Story

Born in Melun (France) in 1981, 45 kms from Paris, Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier spent his childhood moving between several smaller regional towns, between the cities of Melun and Nancy. His father, a banking consultant, was required to relocate occasionally for his career, whereas his mother gave up work when Bertrand was born in order to look after him. This provided the young Bertrand with a stable, middle-class upbringing in semi- rural France. As a teen, Bertrand was:

“mostly a really good boy” who did well in school, especially in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Philosophy even though “some teenage years [his] focus wasn’t exactly on school ;)”.

He achieved his BAC Scientific – the French system’s science specialisation stream for the high school diploma in France and was offered a place in a preparatory school for the entry exams of the French ‘Grandes Ecoles’, the equivalent of US Ivy League Universities. Bertrand had been contemplating becoming a Vet or an Engineer. Although he wasn’t a really keen sportsman, Bertrand did go horse riding, play tennis, biking and karting for fun, until he was injured in two of these sports – breaking his clavicle after a fall from a horse and injuring his knee from a bike accident.

How I Started

Turning to safer sports, Bertrand focused on gaming. From Magic: The Gathering to a multitude of video games, passing through traditional board games, the challenges these games offered fascinated him. Bertrand’s destiny took a turn when he was introduced to StarCraft, first playing solely for fun, then discovering he was good enough to compete professionally, playing his StarCraft avatar name of ‘ElkY’. He turned down a place at the preparatory school for the ‘Grandes Ecoles’ as he realised video games were his passion and wanted to give playing professionally a chance. With the demanding study schedules for the school, he realised he could not succeed in both.

After several successful years as a StarCraft pro and a stint in South Korea, he was introduced to PokerStars, the online poker room. This appealed to his competitive streak and interest in strategy and he has since become a renowned professional poker player and a member of Team PokerStars Pro.

After a long story with PokerStars, ElkY is now writing a new chapter of his life. The adventure is just a beginning…

The Duo

Team Liquid (eSport)
Triple Crown (Poker)
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